Every week we will choose a dive site depending on the weather and hit the water. The meeting point will be announced well in advance each time. There is a Whatsapp group you can be added and follow for any more information on the dates and times. Please contact us to get in touch!

@Lighthouse: The dive site at the Lighthouse is a playground in all weather conditions and the water is easy to enter. There is a lot to discover underwater. The free nightdives will also start here.

@Eel Garden: Eel Garden has a lot to offer when it comes to reef biodiversity. Also the drifts from Eel Garden to the Lighthouse are great and bring a lot of joy.

@The Islands: The Islands are characterized by their breathtaking reef architecture. It’s also a little quieter here near the Lagoon than in the hustle and bustle at the Lighthouse.

20 €

If you are interested, email us or write a message!