FREEDIVING is a big challenge for many people because deep dives and breath-holds are mentally demanding. Some people also struggle with the very strong idea of competition, which can lead to blockages and discomfort and, in the worst case, to freedivers not diving at all anymore. With our FUNDIVES we want to start right there and promote the fun factor of freediving without pressure to perform and outside of a course system. It is important to us that we get to know ourselves better in the water, perceive ourselves with everything that may come, in order to ultimately accept who we are and what we bring with us.

Yoga and freediving have been a perfect complement for some time now, the fusion of YIN YOGA AND FREEDIVING however is new. At our fundives we will practice units of Yin Yoga before and/or after our underwater excursions. In Yin Yoga we become more sensitive in our body perception which becomes an advantage for us in the water. Additionally the deeper fascia are stretched which leads to an exceptionally intense relaxation. This allows us to be much calmer during our dives. All in all, the combination of Yin Yoga and freediving is an extraordinary fusion that still needs to be discovered. Let’s start experimenting!