About Me

My name is Nina Raem. I am a freelance yoga teacher, freedive instructor and coach. I came to Dahab for the first time at the end of 2020 and have been here more than in my beloved Berlin since then. In my previous life I studied architecture, but also have been fascinated by yoga for almost 20 years and teach Anusara and Yin Yoga and also the deep relaxation method called Yoga Nidra. I am delighted by the grandiose fusion of yoga and freediving which is very obvious (you just need to hear me talking). My training as a mental and breath coach and stress management trainer is another piece of the puzzle for me to continue what I am doing for more than 10 years now- helping my students to relax more!

A few years ago I discovered writing. I started with morning pages to reflect and also to use my fresh mind for all my creative ideas. Since my first trip to Dahab, I have been writing texts almost every morning to process events, sort out my thoughts, and develop new ideas. In my opinion, these exercises are also very helpful for freediving. They serve to describe and record experiences in the water. The combination of freediving and writing and, better yet, freediving, yoga and writing is therefore an integral part of the Fundives Dahab project. To collect all your words, i created a FUNDIVES DAHAB DIARY which you can download for free!

For more information about all my activities, please follow MY PERSONAL WEBSITE!